5 Digital Marketing Tools


A Social Media Manager Uses Everyday


I don't know how I would do my job without the plethora of digital marketing tools available. In any given week I use about 25 different tools to manage social accounts, track analytics, stay organized or communicate effectively with clients and teammates. But there are five that I personally use on a daily basis that help make my job as a social media manager a whole lot less stressful.

Content Discovery and Curation : Feedly

Feedly takes the stress out of finding 3rd party content to share on social platforms. It is an aggregator that compiles news feeds of blog posts, news articles, and web content into one place so I don’t have to go to a million different websites to search for relevant content. I organize the content based on the different categories that relate to my clients. Since Feedly integrates with many social media management platforms I am able to share directly to Facebook or Twitter, or schedule content to be shared at a later date via Hootsuite or Buffer.

Social Media Too Feedly

Email Marketing : MailChimp

I have tried many email campaign platforms and always go back to MailChimp — for many reasons. One of the key features of any email marketing platform is reporting. MailChimp displays a side by side comparison with both your average list performance and your industry average while clearly outlining the metrics I want to track. Besides its intuitive interface, I love its smart automation as it has saved me a lot of time and effort.

Organization + Notes : Evernote

Although Evernote can traditionally work as just a note taking app, there is so much more. I use Evernote for several purposes: organizing great articles, storing ideas and pdfs, bookmarking websites, keeping track of inspirations, and taking notes at meetings.

Social Media Management : Hootsuite

My team and I use Hootsuite to schedule content for multiple clients across multiple platforms. Since we manage over 60 social media profiles, Hootsuite streamlines our content scheduling process. We also use Hootsuite as a social listening tool by inputting our clients' keywords, hashtags and locations and actively participate in online conversations.

social media tool hoosuite

Data : Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful analytic tool that can be incredibly overwhelming at first. But trust me, if you have a website, you need Google Analytics.  From this dashboard we monitor website traffic, referrals, traffic from social media, bounce rate, audience demographics and more.

BONUS... Google Drive

As a bonus, here is an example of an editorial calendar I use in Google Drive. Multiple team members have access to this so we can all collaborate on post ideas. In addition, this calendar can be shared with clients so they can approve and review suggested posts.

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