Social Media Management, Content Creation

The Truckee Chamber of Commerce hired Ideal Wild to manage and increase their social media presence while driving traffic from social platforms to their website and increase email sign-ups.


Web Traffic: Through a highly targeted paid social campaign, remarketing and blog content,'s web traffic from social media increased by 1,808% to 35,000 hits YOY.

Brand Awareness: Ideal Wild created an ongoing social media plan that incorporated active engagement in Visit Truckee's online community and targeted content campaigns surrounding Visit Truckee's core travel themes. The result was an increase in social media reach from 1.1 million to 5.5 million YOY, and an increase in impressions from from 1.9 million to 9 million YOY.

Email Sign-Ups: Successful email sign-ups were generated through paid and organic promotion of contests and giveaways. The giveaways were promoted via organic social posts, Instagram stories, paid social ads, and pushed to a highly targeted audience that aligned with Visit Truckee's ideal visitor. Each email sign-up exceeded Visit Truckee's goal of costing less than $0.25 per sign up.

Visit Truckee Social Media Marketing
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