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With an outdated website and no social media presence, West Shore Association's Board of Directors approached Ideal Wild to take their organization's marketing from print mailers to the digital age and develop an online awareness of Lake Tahoe's West Shore.


With a limited budget, Ideal Wild launched the West Shore Association on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter under "West Shore Tahoe." The main goals for West Shore Tahoe were user-generated content, increase reach and brand awareness as well as engagement on social media channels. The aim was to make the West Shore of Lake Tahoe a “must-see” destination through the promotion of beautiful photography from visitors, increasing awareness among potential travelers to the area and uniting locals.

The campaign promoted the branded hashtag #WestShoreTahoe. This campaign was designed to leverage the area's beauty and surrounding nature while increasing user-generated content and engagement on social media. With over 7,000 posts associated with the hashtag, the campaign inspired locals and visitors to share their favorite West Shore experiences and their passion for the area.

In the first year, the Facebook page received 2.9 million impressions and Instagram followers had grown to over 6,000.

In the second year, the Facebook page's impressions had grown to 7.7 million with 37,000 check-ins. Instagram followers reached 13,500.

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